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Family law is the area of law concerned with marriage, separation and divorce; spousal or child support; and child custody, guardianship, and baby adoption. The Stroup Law Firm offers specialized civil litigation services to individuals and families in the areas of divorce and family law in and around Tracy, California. Our clients are commonly individuals from Tracy, Stockton, Sacramento, and Modesto, who are experiencing marital problems and seeking representation regarding a divorce or legal separation and the related child custody and visitation issues, as well as spousal and child support issues. We understand that these issues can be emotionally painful for all involved. We treat each client with the compassion and respect they deserve, while also working to ensure the best possible outcome for each case. If you require legal help in one of the following areas of family law, please contact The Stroup Law Firm in Tracy, California, today.


Spousal / Child Support

There are two types of support payments at issue in a divorce: spousal support (also called alimony) and child support. If one spouse makes significantly more money at the time of the divorce or separation than the other, the courts may order that person to pay alimony - regular payments made to the ex-spouse. In cases where the couple has children, child support payments may apply. Both parents are legally responsible for the cost of bringing up their children, and child support payments are used as a tool to even out the financial burden between the two parents. Typically, child support payments are paid from the parent who does not have custody of the children to the parent who does. However, the determination is also based on the amount of income each parent has. The incomes of both parents, as well as the needs of the children and the children's standard of living prior to the separation, will all be taken into account in deciding the child support burden. Although courts do their best to make fair and impartial decisions, a good family law attorney can be crucial to ensuring that all relevant information pertaining to a client's income, financial needs, and ability to pay are brought before the court. If you are going through a separation or divorce and need legal guidance on spousal or child support issues in or around Tracy, Stockton,the Sacramento, or Modesto California, area, please contact divorce and family law lawyer Valerie Stroup today.

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Child Custody Modification

When a married couple with a child divorces, custody of the child will be granted by means of a court order. Unlike most types of court orders, though, child custody court orders are not necessarily final. They can be modified at a later date if certain criteria are met. In order to change a child custody court order in California, the filing parent must first prove “changed circumstances.” That is, he or she must prove that the original circumstances that led to the first custody determination have changed. Perhaps the filing parent now has a steady source of income. Or perhaps the custodial parent is no longer able to take care of the child due to health reasons. Secondly, the filing parent must prove that a change of custody is in the best interests of the child. If both these points can be proven, the court may choose to modify the child custody order. Regardless of whether you are the person filing for a change or the custodial parent, child custody modification can be a complex and stressful experience. A skilled child custody lawyer can help you navigate more quickly and effectively through the child custody process. For further information on child custody modification near Tracy, Stockton, Sacramento, or Modesto, California, please contact The Stroup Law Firm today.

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Child Support Modification

Like custody, child support is also determined by a court order that can be modified at a later date should circumstances change. The process is similar to an application for child custody modification. The applicant must file a motion for child support modification and notify the other parent. To successfully change the child support order, the filer must prove there has been a “substantial and material change” in one of the parent's incomes or in the financial needs of the child. Both parents will have the opportunity to present their financial information at a court hearing, at which time a judge will determine whether to modify the child support order. Valerie Stroup has many years of experience helping clients obtain the best possible outcomes from child support modification orders. If you would like help with child support modification, please contact The Stroup Law Firm in Tracy, California, today.

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Baby Adoption

Baby adoption allows an adult to become the legal parent of a child who is not his or her biological offspring. There are several different types of baby adoption:

  • Agency adoption - through a baby adoption agency
  • Independent adoption - bypasses baby adoption agencies and involves either a direct arrangement between the birth parents and the adoptive couple or an arrangement through a third party, such as a doctor or attorney
  • Identified adoption - starts with direct contact between an adoptive couple and the birth parents, then makes use of a baby adoption agency to conduct the process
  • International adoption - involves adopting a child from another country; a more complicated process that requires meeting the adoption regulations of both countries, as well as U.S. immigration requirements
  • Relative adoption - involves adopting a child related by marriage or blood.

Baby adoption can be a complex process involving many important legal, financial, and medical considerations. The knowledge and expertise of a skilled family law attorney can ensure the process goes smoothly for all parties involved and that important considerations are not left out. The Stroup Law Firm represents both adoptive couples and birth parents on all procedural and legal aspects of baby adoption. If you or someone you love is considering adoption in the Tracy, Stockton, Sacramento, or Modesto areas, contact The Stroup Law Firm to find out how we can help.

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The legal dissolution of a marriage can be one of life's most difficult experiences. In addition to coping with the feelings involved, those pursuing a divorce may have to address questions of child custody, property division, and spousal or child support payments. If both parties do not easily agree upon these issues, divorce proceedings can become painfully bogged down. A skilled and experienced family law attorney can be essential for getting the divorce process back on track and achieving a fair and equitable arrangement. Valerie Stroup is a committed family law attorney with many years of experience resolving her clients' cases in the most effective and efficient manner. If you are going through a divorce, or are beginning divorce proceedings, contact our Tracy, California, law office today for experienced family law service.

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Legal Separation

An alternative to divorce, a couple may first decide on legal separation - in which they no longer live together but remain married. Many couples try out separation on a trial basis as a way to decide whether a divorce is really the best solution. If you are separating from your spouse and would like help with the legal aspects of this process, please contact The Stroup Law Firm of Tracy, near Sacramento, today for expert family law counsel.

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Guardianship of a child refers to legal custody and responsibility for the child's well being. In California, there are two types of child guardianship: guardianship of a minor's person and guardianship of a minor's estate. A guardian of a minor's person is responsible for taking care of the child's food, housing, healthcare, education, and development. A guardian of a minor's estate has the legal right and responsibility to administer the estate on behalf of the child. If a child has inherited or become
the beneficiary of substantial assets, it may be important to obtain estate guardianship in addition to guardianship over the child's person.
There are many important legal considerations when obtaining or
transferring legal guardianship of a child. If you require help with
legal guardianship issues, please contact our experienced
family law attorney Valerie Stroup
at The Stroup Law Firm
in Tracy, California, for assistance.

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